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Disney Frozen Princess Combo

Disney Frozen Princess Combo:    $450

Frozen Disney Theme Frozen Disney Theme

Details: The Disney Frozen Princess Bounce House Combo contains a jumping area, slide, climbing and basketball hoop.

Unit Size: 20L x 15W x 14H

How much space do I need for this unit? There must be a minimum space of 23′ x 18′ to allow clearance on all sides and space for the blower.

How many kids can fit in this unit? 

AGES                            NUMBER OF KIDS

3-5                                   8-10 KIDS

5-8                                   6-8 KIDS

8-10                                4-7 KIDS

10+                                  4-6 KIDS

Can adults go in the unit? Yes, adults may go in the unit, but there is a maximum weight limit of 380 lbs total (250 lbs per person)

What are the set up requirements? The inflatable can be setup on pavement or grass but need to know in advance.

How much power does this inflatable require? The blower requires a 115v outlet (20 amp circuits are usually found in kitchens and laundry rooms).