Planning your Bounce House Party

Bounce house rentals in New Jersey

Bounce house rentals are a great way to begin planning your child’s perfect party. Making the bounce house the centerpiece of the celebration will help you begin thinking about all the fun possibilities! We have bounce house banners with princess, superhero, and happy birthday themes, but even without a banner, the bounce house itself can still be the highlight of the party. Rentals are great outdoor fun but with the right amount of space they can be an awesome indoor party activity too!

The list of bounce house party ideas goes on and on, but if you are thinking about making making it the theme, a great place to start is with invitations. Whether you have these professionally made or make it a fun DIY activity, it’s a great way to build up the guests’ excitement before the party. Kids love bounce houses and will be very happy to look forward to one! Add pictures or drawings, cute phrases about jumping or bouncing, or be a little secretive and come up with some creative ways to hint that the activity will be part of the party. Personalized stickers are also a fun way to add more to invitations or party favors. Add bounce house stickers to gift bags filled with candy and bouncy balls.

Another area to begin thinking about is food. Nothing’s better than a bounce house cake! You can ask a bakery to create a cake in the shape of one of the castle bounce houses you see on our website, or have them add a picture of a bounce house on the frosting. Baking a theme cake at home is also a great idea as it allows you to get more creative. It may sound intimidating at first but there are plenty of easy ways to add the bounce house theme to your cake. rent-a-bounce-house-njIf you need some unique snack ideas we offer popcorn machine and cotton candy machine rentals. The popcorn rental includes a 30 person party pack with popcorn bags, a scoop, and pre-measured packets of popcorn with oil, salt and butter. Our sweet cotton candy machine rental comes with servings for 30 people with flavored floss and cones. Both machines are super easy to use and take party snacks to a whole new level!

We love helping our customers with party ideas so don’t hesitate to call or email us today and start planning your bounce house party!