Perfect NJ Bounce House Rental Party

NJ Bounce House Rental makes for the perfect party.

Making the most of your NJ Bounce House Rental can help create the perfect bounce house party. After years of observing some fabulous parties, we’ve gotten to see what works and what doesn’t. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips to help our current and future customers have the best bounce house party ever!NJ Bounce House Rental

  1. GET ORGANIZED: Ever been to a party where the hosts are no where to be seen? Mom and dad are busy cooking, setting up games, and running around making sure all is in place? By the time they get to wind down the party’s over! Don’t let that happen at your next bounce house party. Organize everything possible ahead of time such as food, snacks, and drinks. Ask a few friends to come over a half hour before the other guests and assign each a task ahead of time. That way everyone, including to host, will be free to relax and enjoy once the party starts! Other things to plan ahead include party games, music, tables and chairs, and decorations (if possible always decorate the night before).
  2. USE SIGN UP SHEETS: While asking kids (or adults) to sign up to use the bounce house might sound uptight at first, it is a great way to keep things fair, organized, and safe at parties with a lot of guests. Make sign ups fun by getting a colorful piece of poster board and taping it to any nearby wall or surface and keep some colorful markers around. You can simply write NJ Bounce House Rental Sign-Up and list as many numbers as will fit. Have the NJ bounce house rental attendant or guests alternate in keeping time (10 minutes per group is usually a good amount). Once everyone on the list has had their turn, you can begin a new one.
  3. PICK A THEME: A theme is a great way to create a whimsical get-a-way for your guests. If your NJ bounce house rental party if for a birthday, ask the birthday boy or girl what they prefer. We offer birthday, super hero, and princess bounce house banners. If you are having trouble picking a theme, turn to seasons or colors for easy inspiration. Summer party? Use a summer theme by decorating with classic symbols of the season like the sun, seashells, lemonade, color sand and color sand activities. You can even ask guests to wear their best summer attire like bathing suits, “Hawaiian” shirts, and sunglasses.
  4. BOOK IN ADVANCE: From your inflatable rental (water slide, obstacle course, or bounce house) to tables, chairs, food, and cake, make sure to reserve everything as early as possible. This will not only minimize party planning stress but it will allow you to get exactly what you want for your event. We offer affordable party combos that include an inflatable, tables and chairs, and fun concessions.

Now that you know our top tips it’s time to start planning! Call us today for your party planning needs! We’re always here to help!