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Planning your Bounce House Party

Bounce house rentals in New Jersey

Bounce house rentals are a great way to begin planning your child’s perfect party. Making the bounce house the centerpiece of the celebration will help you begin thinking about all the fun possibilities! We have bounce house banners with princess, superhero, and happy birthday themes, but even without a banner, the bounce house itself can still be the highlight of the party. Rentals are great outdoor fun but with the right amount of space they can be an awesome indoor party activity too!

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Personalize Your Bounce House with Kid Approved Banners!

Bounce house princess banner

A bounce house is a great way for all children to have fun. These crowd pleasing inflatables are loved by all regardless of age, which make them great for a diverse party where children will be present, such as a family reunion, anniversary, or even a wedding celebration. Birthdays aren’t the only parties that call for bounce house fun!

At jumping celebrations we know how important little touches can be when it comes to keeping kids entertained and engaged.

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